Building in general. Direct, indirect and public or private procurement

  • construction of residential, industrial and rural buildings, for home, work, agricultural, hotel, business and professional use, factories and industrial warehouses;
  • maintenance, conservation and restructuring of buildings for residential, work, hotel, business and professional use, factories and industrial warehouses;
  • restoration and reclamation of buildings of historical and artistic interest. Specialized in lamie, trulli and masserie;
  • primary and secondary development of building land, including street furniture;
  • buying and selling of land and buildings;
  • exchanges.

Complementary services

  • planning of residential and industrial buildings;
  • planning of buildings with low environmental impact, and construction according to ecologically friendly building and architectural standards (Itaca Puglia Protocol);
  • obtaining paperwork from the appointed authorities for the necessary certification and authorization to go ahead with work;
  • cost estimates and drafting of work plan of action;
  • supervision of work to ensure that planning and building are monitored scrupulously at all stages;
  • drafting work safety plans.

Projects require detailed procedures limited not only to implementation, but envision a wide range of factors from planning to bureaucratic requirements. The company, therefore, has developed a service policy for the Client, where it acts as the ideal partner in planning and implementing any kind of building project.

Management of clients' property

  • sale and rental of buildings for residential, tourist, business, work use, and industrial factories;
  • drafting of sales and rental contracts, depositing the various documents with the appointed authorities.