The Albanese Group is a family-run business, established to continue into the future the entrepreneurial experience of its founder Martino Albanese, the current managing director, and the director of other companies in the group. His experience has matured over more than 50 years in not only the building and property market but also in other sectors such as that of stone processing.

Starting from the organizational structure of a single enterprise, over the course of the years Martino Albanese has launched and managed various corporate initiatives, not only family companies such as Edil 2000 s.n.c., but also businesses with other entrepreneurs outside the family group.

Moreover, he has consolidated his key role as entrepreneur by involving third parties in his business ventures, acquiring a strategic role acknowledged by the partners in the context of these initiatives.

In the course of more than fifty years, he has constructed prestigious buildings of the highest quality, with the same tenacity and professionalism that have always set him apart, from 1960 to the present day.


The Albanese Group s.r.l. was established in 2013, with an operational legal structure for the current market but also strategically oriented to acquire minority interests, emphasizing and representing in particular the qualifications of solidity both in liabilities and trading in relation to the assets owned.

The whole business group operates with consolidated and established expertisein the property sector, through the promotion, management and coordination of all operational activities, from planning through to implementation, while also being committed to procedures of extreme transparency at the buying and selling stage.

The group is consequently involved in direct construction or activities under private procurement for new builds, restoration and conservation of property for residential, tourist, commercial and industrial use, and for factories. The group is still active not only in sales, but also in independent management of property infrastructures, through residential, commercial, tourist/hospitality and industrial rentals.

Contractual transparency, safety and reliability are guarantees for all those who interconnect with the commercial structures of the group, evidenced by the group's continuing presence today on markets and in the territory.

The qualityof the results and commercial transparency are ultimately assured by strict observance of the normative construction guarantees in force, as well as by contractual obligations such as surety policies on down payments and ten-year insurance cover on buildings.